Let us help you make a smart extension to your living space, while raising your property’s aesthetics and value.

Adding an extension to your home for improved living space suiting to your needs is a very good idea, if executed in a proper way. It adds value to your property and comfort to your living. So, if you have not yet done your house extensions, and you are looking into extend your house to the back or side, Town Builders can be your perfect choice. We are specialized in home improvements building and interiors with over 15 years of experience in the UK.


House extensions planned sensibly can improve the aesthetics of your property and can certainly provide you with more space to your home. If you are desperate for a larger kitchen, living room, need a sun room, a home office or a study for your kids, house extension is the best idea to pursue. A purposeful extension can provide you with a potentially double kitchen, extended dining area, or double of the living room space, or even an extra room in your house, or an additional toilet, or shower room. You can extend your single-storey rear extension by almost three metres in case of an attached house, or by four metres in case of a detached house, even without planning permission, and can be up to six metres and eight metres based on your property specifications; however, it requires consultation with neighbours and local authority. Therefore, house extensions can sufficiently increase space in your covered area and so is the value of your property, should you want to sell or let in the future.

Irrespective of the information and guidance we provide to our customers regarding planning permissions exemptions and/or relaxations, we recommend our customers to do their own enquiry with their local authorities as well to avoid any loss of investments, undue complaints, or disappointments. Awareness about the Home Extension Permitted Development Rights will save you from the long wait of the house extension planning permissions for starting your home improvements project.