Brick Pointing

We're expert in both pointing and repointing bricks for building new walls or preserving old ones.

Brick repointing is an art of securing your property from ageing and procuring any damages to your outer brick walls. If you love your property and think it’s finishing is going astray, leading to or/and has led to holes in the cementing of the walls, please make a quick decision to get brick repointing. Pointing basically refers to the ‘finish’ between the bricks or stones used to build your property.


Depending on the age of your property, your stone or brick wall should either be finished with lime or cement. Incorrect pointing can cause irreparable damage to aged buildings. The bricks pointing is an art that requires to fulfil two opposite aims that it must prevent penetration of water through the joints, yet it must allow the wall to breathe and drain, as well as it should flexible enough to allow the building structure to settle. However, the condition of any stone walls cannot be viewed in isolation of any other building failures, such as gutters, piping, or roof damages, but still brick pointing is crucial for keeping a property healthy, especially in case of older properties.

Our team is there for you to arrange an initial assessment and provide you with professional advice on any type of property refurbishments and procurement requirements. We offer highly affordable and low-cost solutions for your property improvements.